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We use fork lifts with inductive navigation.

  • Higher flexibility
  • Reception for storage, transfers and release of the goods from storage are performed using bar code readers with online transfer of the data to the information system.
  • A maximum capacity of a pallet for forklift is 1500 kg.
  • Forklifts have a lifting reach of 10.5 m maximum (the highest stocking height).

Effective software solution

For stability of the entire logistics and storage process we use Navision Dynamics software by Microsoft Corporation. Navision software is designed specifically for logistics and storage processes. It provides all information and data necessary to assure conformity with good distribution practice (GDP). Navision Dynamics software takes into account and assures conformity with directions of:
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • SUKL (Státní ústav kontroly léčiv, State Institute for Drug Control)
  • Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

Backup and monitoring of air-conditioned area

  • 11 calibrated temperature sensors monitoring temperature within the warehouse area
  • 1 recorder monitoring moisture within the warehouse area
  • 8 recorders monitoring temperature in cooling boxes
  • Temperature map describing critical places regarding temperature risks
  • All events are automatically sent to the responsible person according to SOP using a GSM network and e-mail.
  • All data from the technology is automatically recorded and stored for archiving purposes.

Our warehouse is completely independent of the public electricity supply.

We own two backup electrical power sources (generators) with a sufficient capacity to supply electrical power for uninterrupted operation of the entire premises.
  • The backup power supply is provided by 2 independent generators.
  • The backup generators start to operate 30 seconds after interruption of the power supply.